The purpose of this committee is to provide for a function education program that includes providing information, educational workshops and training on operations, maintenance, and management for the Section membership.

Prepare and submit a committee budget to the Section Chair

The committee shall, in cooperation with AWWA National, or independently, as the Executive Committee may direct, build a continuous educational program consisting of the arrangement for promotion of and presentation of seminars, workshops and short courses for the section membership. It will as necessary provide information given from the AWWA National or by the Alabama-Mississippi Section.

This committee should plan and conduct at least three or more training opportunities over a one-year period in each state. The committee is responsible for compiling all the information needed to advertise including the date of trainings. Committee chairs will notify the Executive Director to disseminate training information to the membership.

Committee chairs in each state will obtain necessary CEU approvals from the appropriate agencies or organizations.

Committee Chairs will give a report during the Annual Business meeting.