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Jacksonville State University Operator Certification Program

To read about Jacksonville State University’s Operator Certification Program, Click the logo below.

Online Training

Members of the Alabama-Mississippi Section now have access to an Online Training Site for Continuing Education and Professional Development Hours with 360Water.

  • Current active members prior to July 15, 2013, of the Section have been pre-registered for access to the 360Water site.
  • If you are pre-registered, your username has been pre-registered as your registered email address with the Section.
  • If you do not have a pre-registered email address, then your user name will be your First Name.
  • The pre-registered password for all is your last name.

Any Utility that has a membership, each Utility member will have to register as individuals on the website. Any new Section members that became members after July 15, 2013 will also have register on the website.

  • Username and Password are case sensitive.
  • If there are any questions regarding your Section membership needed for access, please contact either Lindsay Wright.

For any questions or problems with logging into or registering with the 360Water, please contact Sean Kegel with 360Water.

To access 360Water, Click the logo below.

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